Harry at LAX - July 21st
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louis: how i could just kill a man.mp3, 22/08/14

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Santiago, Chile 5/01

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he has no chill

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But lets be honest though Louis would be ashamed of Harry if they were together. Harry is super super gay and Louis has changed. He's grown up.


Wow, you guys are just on a rampage right now. Springing up like daisies. Well anyway. I could respond to this all badass like as Evan did. I can attack with a long ass lecture about how this fandom uses basic homophobia and passes it by as just teenage insecurities, which is highly amusing. It’s acceptable homophobia though, so it’s fine! Not at all insulting to see this all over my dash and to see people defend these questions. Not insulting at all. 

I could lecture, but why do I need to lecture when I can use Louis’ face 

This boy

Has been in love with the glitter fluff puff for four years


There is no such thing as “Taylor’s” Harry or “Kendall’s” Harry, Paige, Caroline, woman #305, the blonde interviewer, my mom, your mom, probably me at some point—we might have shared air. THOSE HARRY’S NEVER EXISTED. 

This is his Harry.

Harry is his Harry. No matter what this kid wears or what he does or what he sings. That is his Harry. And how fucking dare you think there would be any shame in that. 

So Harry could “super super” gay, whatever the hell that means, but you are kidding yourself if you think Louis would have him any other way and isn’t cheering the kid on every single fucking day—I sound like Dr. Seuss. 

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  #ppl talkin bout hair flopping when all I can focus on is the sport short dong

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